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Our mission is to share the world of possibilities with you, to expand your dreams, to enable your transformation, to find your journey of life, and to truly live. We will help you to be more successful, healthier, and more confident.

My Story

My life has been rich in experiences, full of challenges as well as successes. I have met many people, from different cultures and walks of life, and I always lived following this principle: to make a positive difference in the life of every person that I was given to meet.

My journey began in Ethiopia where I grew up in a large family with traditional values. My parents taught me the importance of family life and supporting others; I remember our household growing over time, including many extended family members as well as people from the local community who needed a place to stay during the hard times my country was going through. When I left my family home, I carried with me the importance of helping others and giving back to the community.

I came to the United States as a young woman with the dream of becoming a software engineer. However, I soon realized that my limited knowledge of the American culture and lack of money made my dream almost impossible to reach. Instead of giving up, I decided to fight for it. That experience taught me the resolve needed to relentlessly pursue one’s dreams. I learned that setting goals, no matter how ambitious, remaining true to my values and staying positive were prerequisites to a meaningful and rewarding life. I also realized that no meaningful journey can be free of challenges and hardships and it is up to us to turn those into positive learnings - as they say, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. Read More ...As a first year university student, I worked multiple jobs as a waitress and part time software engineer in test, while also staying active in supporting my local community, including as a youth and relationship counselor.  Before graduation, I got my first software job at a college and later in software startups. After graduating from the University of Washington I grew my career, working for several startups as well as established companies, eventually becoming a senior software engineering manager for tech giants Microsoft and Amazon. While actively developing my career and working hard I remained true to my values and always looked for ways to make a positive difference in the lives of people I met. I found purpose in supporting my friends in following their dreams, and when I saw them struggle I motivated them and set a positive example that they could get inspired by. Now, as I reflect back, I realize it is time for me to give back and contribute to the bigger community of people looking to make a meaningful transformation in their lives. It gives me great pleasure to see a person pick a dream, transform it into reality and live it! If I could get to where I am, staring from nowhere, then you can do it too!


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